Men’s Fashion Trend: Monk Straps

19 August, 2014


 GQ once said that monk straps are the “… dress shoe of the season” and as every stylish man knows, a good shoe is essential to a man’s wardrobe.

This season, buckle up on a pair of Giovanni Marquez’s newest shoes that feature a double monk strap. These 100% hand made, leather shoes from Giovanni Marquez are made in Italy. Also, they are very comfortable, have a fully cushioned style, and are fully lined.  An investment piece, shoes like theses are good for decade and never go out of style.

If you have never heard of a monk strap shoe, they are usually double strapped with no lace. In addition, these shoes are typically worn with suits, but also work with jeans.

Further, “The term ‘Monk strap’ refers to the buckled strap the replaces shoe laces. Monk straps come with one, two, and even three straps, are available in any color, can be made from a wide variety of different leathers, and can be cap toed as well as wingtipped… Monk strap shoes are perfect for those who seek a more unique type of shoe that will draw attention,” says Tie-A-Tie.

As a style tip, when matching the shoes, make sure that the color of the clasp matches your belt buckle, wrist watch, and cufflinks (if you’re wearing any of the above).

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Browse Giovanni Marquez’s new collection of men’s shoes, including his monk strap shoes here.

Remember, the suit makes the man, but the shoe completes the look of the man in it.


Colony Hotel Spotlight: Maurice Doligene

18 August, 2014
Maurice Doligene is the Director of Restaurants for The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.

Since 1947 The Colony has been at the center of Palm Beach social life hosting U.S. Presidents, European Royalty and American “Snowbirds” down for the winter season and all manner of discriminating travelers from around the world. Dignitaries are a frequent occurrence and recently have included Presidents Bush and Clinton, Prince Edward and Princess Sofia, Gov. Bush and Gov. Crist as well as many others.

For the last 10 years, Mr. Doligene has had a reputation in the City of Palm Beach for being well-dressed each evening at the hotel.

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Doligene, we detail his passion for this career and the clothes he wears.


Why did you choose to work in the restaurant industry?

I’m originally from Haiti but when I came to the United States, I entered the restaurant business because I had a passion for food and beverage. I went to culinary school and began working in the industry in 1997. I always knew it was something that I wanted to do and I have been doing it ever since.

Ever since you’ve come to the States, you’ve been known for your style.
Where do you buy your clothes?

FSBMens, of course! I don’t shop anywhere else.

How long have you been shipping with FSBMens?

A long time, at least 10-15 years and still shopping there today!

What is your favorite purchase you have ever made from our store?

That is hard to answer. It is hard to answer because everything I have ever bought from your store is my favorite. Truly, my favorite shoes, my favorite suits, my  favorite ties. I mean EVERYTHING is my favorite.

As a stylish man, how would you describe your style?

I would stay I have a classic style and I enjoy wearing solid colors.

If there is one item every man needs in his closet, what you you recommend?

I would recommend a nice suit over any shoes or shirts.

Do you have a favorite suit brand from our store?

No, I don’t have a favorite because any brand I wear from your store always makes me look and feel great. I recommend them all, just because they’re from your store.

Tell us about the compliments you receive…

I receive compliments every day, almost 4-5 times a today. For example, I just bought a jacket yesterday and everyone that same kept saying ” beautiful jacket” wherever I went. But of course, I tell them where I got it from and give them business cards to visit your store.


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The Latest: Giovanni Marquez Men’s Shoes


Fashion Designer, Giovanni Marquez makes luxury men’s shoes its signature. Created by a close team in Italy, each pair of Giovanni Marquez shoes – from suede to leather, shoe to sandal – is a work of art and unique to its owner. Luxurious leather and soft suede form the foundation of each design, and with an entire  host of styles to choose from in an array of classic and year-round-ready colors, there is something to suit for all of life’s special occasions.

The newest arrivals of Giovanni Marquez men’s shoes to arrive at and will make you feel just as good as you look when wearing them.


When you dress up, a nice suit needs to be paired with a pair of shoes that are as streamlined as the rest of your wardrobe. Truly, there are numerous styles of shoes out there, but what’s great about a pair of Giovanni Marquez shoes, is that if you invest in a few pairs and take care of them, you’ll be set for years.

Take the first step and indulge in a stylish, tasteful, and masculine pair of shoes that you can dress up or dress down from jeans to suits.


Every man, at one time or another, has to get dressed up for a special occasion and we’re always ready.

Find your pair of Giovanni Marquez shoes here.

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Brand Spotlight: Absolute Rebellion

12 August, 2014

Screenshot (600)

Absolute Rebellion is a high-end men’s fashion brand that is loved by celebrities and locals.

Absolute Rebellion shirts are created by master designers, and reinforced with single and double needle stitching along the seams for extended durability and captivating men’s fashion look. Perfect for work or play, these  fashion shirts are created with finest raw materials, enriched in beauty and comfort by many traditional tailoring techniques. Furthermore, their exceptional European designs offer the finest shirts for sophisticated men.

Notably, the men’s fashion brand maintains and delivers high quality 100% cotton shirts in classic, embroidered, and polo designs in a slim fit and they use extreme care in detail and craftsmanship using both traditional tailoring and innovative techniques such as the following fine details below:

A total revolution in fashion, their designs  offer the finest look for sophisticated men intend to impress. Specifically, celebrities such as Ice T and Pitbull have been seen wear these Absolute Rebellion fashion shirts. The most recent photo of Pitbull in an Absolute Rebellion shirt was at the FIFA World Cup with Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian star Claudia Leitte for this year’s  FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.

If you’re searching for an Absolute Rebellion men’s shirt, your search is over at We have a wide selection of Absolute Rebellion shirts at the best prices and are also one of the best menswear destinations in the world for men’s shirts as we have over 1.000 to select from.

Our current promotion for Absolute Rebellion is selling fast is 25% off with code: AR25 and we are offering free shipping until 1:59pm on 8/12/14.

So what are you waiting for? This deal won’t last long. Shop online now!

Manufacturer Interview: Zanetti

11 August, 2014

Founded and headquartered in Los Angeles, Zanetti has been manufacturing fine men’s clothing for over two decades and values quality, luxury and trend-setting style.

Famous for their label of quality men’s casual and formal wear, the brand has a reputation in it’s strong reputation in men’s fashion by using only the finest quality
textiles and adhering to strict manufacturing guidelines.

The company’s primary manufacturing is located within the heart of Tuscany, Italy and the company’s latest manufacturing endeavor is in Asia where Zanetti is working
hand and hand with their ever increasing clientele.

In an exclusive interview, Gary Post of Zanetti shared his insight on the men’s fashion brand sold at

What inspires you to be a part of the Zanetti brand?

Selling men’s clothing and getting men to wear the clothing.

What style advice do you have for men?

It’s very personalized to the man. There’s good style and there’s bad style. You can have great style if you find what looks good on a man, and he needs to capture that.

What’s next for the Zanetti brand?

We’re looking forward to vested men’s clothing for Fall. We want to start selling men’s vested clothing because  we want to do something different, very delicate, and essentially small changes to what we sell.

Thus, stay up-to-date with the new arrivals at FashionMenswear/FSBMens that arrive each day online and in-store and look forward to the new Zanetti that will be coming soon. Notably, we are the leader in selling 3pc vested suits and our reputation speaks for itself as we are one of the top  menswear stores around the country with our selection and style of vested suits.

Are you interested in purchasing a 3pc vested suit from our store?

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Designer Interview: Bruce Banafsheha – Tiglio

4 August, 2014


Bruce Banafsheha, is a fashion legend.

He is the designer of  the Tiglio brand, which uses the finest fabrics from  fine European mills, to create a perfect balance  between modern European trends and the traditions of master tailors of Italy.

The Tiglio Collection is made of superbly tailored Italian men’s clothing, including Tiglio dress shirts, Tiglio suits and Tiglio  pants. Every item is produced with attention to detail, starting from comfort and shape, and on to the accessories for the finishing touches. Divided into the categories of Tiglio Luxe, Tiglio Luxe Slim Fit, Tiglio Sport, and Tiglio Rosso, you will be wearing luxury wherever you go.

Below, is our exclusive interview with the designer.

Why did you want to become a fashion designer?

My family has been in the textile business for over 50 years, so it was an easy decision for me to choose a career.

What is your favorite part about being a designer, and why?

The best part of being a designer is running into someone wearing one of my creations, and hearing them say: this is the best suit I have ever owned! (happens very often!)

As a fashion designer, you’re accustomed to setting trends. What is the next trend that you would like to set?

For the first time in many years, everyone is dressing up again, elegant suits and sport coats are in high demand, even by the younger generation. There is a definite move towards the British look, which we have adopted in all our collections.

How would you define your brand in three words?

Our brand can be summed up as timeless and effortless elegance.

What is the best compliment you have ever received about your brand?

I have received thousand of complementary emails about our collection, praising the high quality of our fabrics, the unmatched workmanship, and our attention to details.


Designer Interview: Pierre Benitan – Absolute Rebellion


Pierre Benitan, is a talented designer.

In 2008, he began creating a high-end line of men’s shirts by Absolute Rebellion, focusing on subtle details, and now…he can’t stop designing. Unlike many other designer brands, he is proud of his instant global appeal and acceptance for his style from the beginning.

Pierre’s creations are now sold in many exclusive stores around the world, including

Absolute Rebellion shirts are created by master designers, and reinforced with single and double needle stitching along the seams for extended durability and captivating men’s fashion look. Their products are created with finest raw materials, enriched in beauty and comfort by many traditional tailoring techniques. Furthermore, their exceptional European designs offer the finest look for sophisticated men.

Below, we had an exclusive interview with the man behind this brand.

Why did you want to become a fashion designer?

Fashion has always been a part of my life as I was raised by parents who were both in the fashion industry. Being around the industry made me develop a passion for creating and designing high quality garments for both men and women. There is no other field I could put my heart and soul into, as I do in fashion. I began my career in France running very successful lines and decided to take it to the states in order to expand.

What is your favorite part about being a designer and why?

Being innovative and creating a product that customers want. I thrive in knowing that my styles are wanted and sought after because of the quality and detail we put into it.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from different cultures and experiences. I feel that being in Miami exposes me to a melting pot of cultures, styles and trends… and this inspires me every day. As a fashion designer, you are accustomed to setting trends.

What is the next trend that you would like to set?

I would like to raise the bar in menswear in terms of design and workmanship. I don’t feel that either need to be sacrificed in order to give customers an accessible product. I would like to expand my brand into women’s wear, fragrance and much more. All with the same principle of elevated quality and design.

How would you define your brand in three words?

Innovative, Luxurious, Necessary!

Anything else that you’d like to share?

The possibilities are endless! We want to build a fashion house that taps into all areas of fashion and design. We have been very successful and have no intentions of stopping at menswear. We are very excited about the future of Absolute Rebellion!

Photographer Interview: Gustavo Sardi

28 July, 2014

Gustavo Sardi is a one-of-a-kind artist that expresses himself digitally.g-sardi

He has been the official photographer for FashionMenswear/FSBMens and he has great instincts for fashion photography, recognizing best angles, and eliciting the best expressions/poses. Truly, his mastery of post-production techniques is essential to what he does as he considers himself a very good retoucher/compositer.

As a member of the FashionMenswear/FSBMens family, he is recognized for his professionalism. For instance, his detail orientation is laudable. He attains the ability to focus on the  tiny details as well as the big picture. This is exemplified in each of our photo-shoots whether it’s for our newest pairs of shoes, suits, shirts or any product for our worldwide customer. Essentially, his photos contribute to the success of FashionMenswear/FSBMens today as he showcases our wide selection of men’s clothing and shoes in a creative way.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a photographer, and why?

A: I’m a visual artist, I’m a visual human being, really. I eat through my eyes! Photography provides a medium to create images that are both artistic and documentary. The gratification isn’t as delayed as it would be with, say painting, illustration or graphic design. It also has a component of voyeurism, of peeking into stranger’s lives which is very interesting.

My favorite part happens in post-production, where you take the images that “talk” to you and with considerable effort build upon them until a certain magic happens.

Q: What is your favorite part about working with FSB (

A: I love the fashion industry and the beauty associated with it. Whether it’s the models, clothes, sets or any of the elements that end up on the page or screen, being a part of it is always stimulating to me. FSB is a great company to work with. It’s always abreast of the latest developments in Europe and beyond and has a savvy, exciting customer base that keeps us on the lookout for new clothes and new ways of merchandising. Fashion is always evolving and we’re along for the ride!

Q: How would you define your work ethic in three words?

A: Responsibility, fulfill-ness and gratefulness.

Q: What is your favorite product to shoot and why?

A: My favorite product to photograph is a human being wearing and sporting whatever merchandise is being promoted. Why? Not only human beings (particularly attractive ones) are fascinating to watch, but they provide the photographer with limitless angles & compositions…. try doing that with neckties and belts that never want to stay in the positions you want them in!

Q: What is the best compliment you have ever received about your photography?

A: That the people in them like/love the way they look. It takes many shots and considerable coaching to capture someone in an alluring way.

In a way a photographer in combination with the model is creating a persona that is powerful enough to connect with the viewer instantaneously. This process is creative, insightful and a little esoteric. To be seduced by an image is quite an act.

Brand Spotlight: Mission Clothing

25 July, 2014


Your search for a stylish men’s shirt is over.

Since 1997, men all over the world have been wearing Mission Clothing. A unique brand of fashion, founder Frank Ady developed this men’s fashion brand in Downtown Los Angeles, reflecting the city’s rich ethnic, cultural and lifestyle diversity in each one of his products.

Mission manufactures a variety of products such as their stylish shirts and knits that are featured on Notably, the brand cuts and sews all products from scratch, and is always creating new and unique fashion trends — never before seen.

According to the brand: “We at Mission put our heart and energy in each design we make. We are completely different than any other brand because of our high quality fashionable fabrics and creative designs.”

The ‘mission’ is simple: continue creating the most fashionable designs and making a name as one of the leaders in today’s fashion industry.

Therefore, Mission Clothing makes a perfect addition to any man’s casual menswear. When a man wears a Mission Clothing shirt, they can achieve the perfect men’s fashion look and have vitality to their wardrobe as the brand delivers the best quality with the latest fashion.

We suggest shopping for Mission Clothing at FashionMenswear, as our best advertisement is our product / merchandise mix and with that, any menswear ensemble can be created.
In addition, we have a wide selection of shoes, shirts, suits for men and more from the best brands in the world to select from, no matter the occasion.

So, what are you waiting for? The next time you want to receive compliments, think

Designer Interview: Giovanni Marquez

18 July, 2014



Giovanni Marquez is the Director of Operations for and a designer of an exclusive brand: Giovanni Marquez.

Anytime you wear a product from the Giovanni Marquez collection, you will enjoy to count your compliments later. Truly, his men’s fashions will make any man, “dress like a man”. Whether it’s a Giovanni Marquez men’s jacket, men’s shoe, men’s shirt or men’s accessory, each item is a standout to leave you feeling good about yourself.

Below, is an exclusive interview with Mr. Marquez:

Who or what inspired you to become a designer?

My parents had the fashion flair of the 1930’s and 1940’s. It was an era that they always used to dress up together.  We had thousands of photographs of them wearing wonderful designs while enjoying life. Knowing our customers on the sales floor, and their wishes and needs led me to have something different than the normal brands that are massed produced.

Was it always something you always knew you would do?

I grew up in Braddock, PA, a section of Pittsburgh that had an outdoor shopping district that had some great fashion stores. Then I discovered Downtown, it open up my young fashion sense to work for Joseph Horne Co. retailers and importers. After receiving the education from Joseph Horne Co on setting up branch stores it was time to open our first store called Our Fathers Sons Boutique 1969. We then moved to South Florida in the Downtown Marina District of Boynton Beach and catered to the worldwide customer.

What is your favorite (shirt, shoe, sport coat or tie) from your new Giovanni Marquez Collection and why? 

My favorite has to be our hip shoe collection, we are in a league with the best shoe brands in the world. Our shoes are made in the same factories as the high end designers like Gucci and Cavalli and the only difference is the the name on our shoes, otherwise the craftsmanship and attention to detail is the same, if not better than some of the world’s best brands as they are hand-made in Italy to ensure the best quality for our customrers.

Who do you think is the ideal Giovanni Marquez man? 

It is the global man with travels from European and South Americas countries. In addition to young men who are beginning their careers. Middle aged men who need to keep themselves styled for business functions (With guidance of their wife). And, retired men who are now enjoying life and traveling for leisure.

You are a global brand — How much does travel influence your designs?

100%, traveling influences all our creativity when shopping the global markets for styles and fabric. I enjoy traveling to places like New York, Las Vegas, and Europe where I get to bring back that style to our customers.

How would you describe your personal fashion style? 

Easy and comfortable + light weight + detailed with color.